There are many factors that limit things one such is Density Dependent. If you increase a population size it will then reduce the resources in that area. When restricting the growth a density factor will then become more intense as the population continually increases. Population growth will then decline from death rate. Another factor is the competition for terrority predators will be in areas where there are high concentrations of prey then. As long as there are resources availible in the area the population will remain the same. If the population will decreabarrier.jpgse then the predators will decrease.

One example of this in the Great Barrier Reef is say that kelp is becoming over abundant.

Well if they become over abundant then in turn the coral will start to get overrun and they will be creating to much sediments which will in turn make the water less clear.

When the water will become less clear then it starts to kill off the algae that grows with the coral. Animals that then live in the coral will slowly die out as well because they are losin g nutrients that the coral and algae give out.

As they die out the higher parts of the food chain will slowly die out as well because they lack there prey from the coral reefs. It will continue to do this until the resources stabilize again or the entire ecosystem will change.

Density-Independent factors are the weather, climate, natural disasters these are unrelated factors and everyone will get affected regardless of the size.