An abiotic factor are the nonliving components of the biosphere. Chemical and geological factors, such as rocks and minerals, and physical factors, such as temperature and weather, are referred to as abiotic components.

There are many different types of Abiotic factors to help out the Great Barrier Reefs corals the corals are called Hermatypic corals. Which means they have zooxanthellae algae and are very colorfull. The average temperature that the coral is found in is 64-91 Degrees Fahrenheit.CrownofThornsStarfish.jpg

One of the Factors is the Nutrients found in the water. Coral is only able to survive in clear water that doesnt have much sediment so that light can hit the surface of the water. So there are nott many nutrients in the water. Usually animals would not be found living here but since the coral thrives here the animals are also able to thrive by eating the coral.

Another Factor is the Light the main reason behind coral being able to survive in a low nutrient area is from the zooxanthellae algae which makes food for the coral as well. So with the light it helps the algae which in turn helps the coral.

The Salinity is another coral is usually found in salty waters surviving in around 27-40 parts per thousand.

The Depth is also a factor they are found in shallow waters around 70 meters but some coral will go deeper.

Water Movement when the water is going back and forth it will help take away the waste and bring food in.

The Biotic Factors are then the things that are affected by the Abiotic factors which are the plant life and the animal life.
Which are the fish algae whales and countless other animals.